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College, job, etc.

One would think that I would miss the college life, but honestly I don't. I enjoy being out of school. I enjoy being away from the craziness of college life. I'm just weird I think. I'm excited for what the future holds for me. I can't wait for things to happen. There's one thing that I'm nervous about, however. I'm nervous about getting a job. I know I shouldn't be, but I am. It doesn't help that I haven't written my resume yet. I have to get going. Chop chop! I have to enter the real world. Heaven forbid! I have experience in the field I want to go into, so it shouldn't be that much of a problem but I'm still nervous. I want to have a job that I love, not one that I do just to get money. It's important to me that I love my work. I just hope that I can present myself well enough and get the job I want. Easier said then done. I think my problem is that I worry too much. Correction, I KNOW I worry too much. One of these days I'm going to need therapy or something.
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