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Stream of Consciousness

Leaves blowing in the wind. Hmmmm paint on the windows someone didn't do a good job of painting. Eww the sky looks gray. Oh Patrick's IMing me I should answer him. Ok I answered him. He was being silly and calling me mean. BILLY JOEL IS COOL! My skirt is pretty I should wear it sometime. My speakers are going to fall over and hurt me. Oh well. This stream of consciousness stuff isn't as easy as it seems. My fingers don't type fast enough. My head iches. At first I typed inches and I had to change it. I'm a dork. Don't let me downnnnnn oh yes I'm a wonderful singer I know. Man oh man I'm getting IMed once again. Patrick told me he loves me. I love him too...but more so there. MUAHAHAHAAHAHAHA. Don't let me downnnnn. What flavor is this gum? It's green. It's pretty good. hmmm It kinda tingles on the tongue. hmmm tingling. It's a love that has no passssssssst. DON'T LET ME DOWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. John lennon. The IM is aflashing. Not flashing but AFLASHING. OOOOH she done me. She done me good. that sounds bad, huh. I'm not doing anyone I swear. ROAR. Blue and yellow. Doll is falling over. It's hard to do stream of consciousness if you're thinking too hard. My head hurts. I should stop this. OK IM OUTIE. hehe I said outie. I'm such a dork.
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