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I don't quite get people

My mom is a good person, but I don't get her choice in men. From what I've heard and seen, my mom has never dated a man that treated her well. She's been dating her current boyfriend for a million years give or take a few. He never does anything for her. He's cheated on her, yells at her, and does anything he can to hurt her. Yet, my mom still stays with him. I don't get it. Honestly, I don't. My mom's a great person, why would someone be so malicious. I just don't get people. I also don't get why my mom would let someone step all over her like that. She said she wants to leave. She's wanted to leave for years, but hasn't. I know it isn't as easy as it seems to leave a situation like that. You need strength and you need to be finacially secure, two things my mom doesn't have. Still, I know I could never be in that situation. Maybe I'm different from my mom in that respect. I hope I'm different than my mom. I'd honestly do anything for my mom. I just wish she'd leave. I hope for the best for her. I want her to be happy. I want her to be with someone who loves her and will take care of her. She's never had that. I want to find someone for her that REALLY and TRULY loves her and will never hurt her. Is that too much to ask?
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