Spifferdoodle (spifferdoodle) wrote,

yadda yadda blah

Ok, so I should be asleep or studying, but I'm not. I just sitting here staring blankly at my computer screen. I've been thinking a lot tonight and questioning life, and no...my head doesn't hurt...yet! I was just thinking about fate. Is life predetermined? I don't know. At times I think definately yes, but now I'm just utterly confused. What if life isn't predetermined? What if something I say or do at this very moment will change my life drastically? On the other hand, what if life is predetermined? What are you living for? What excitement will you have in life if everything is already planned? How can you change things? AHHHH! It's confusing. Life isn't easy. I don't think it was ment to be easy anyway. Don't listen to me...I'm just rambling.
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